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  1. Water of Life

    Water of Life is a christian orphanage and school that was started by Randy Fleming, an American missionary, and Rin Yame, a Cambodian who was orphaned at the age of 8. The school started with only a few boys but now has two offshoot organizations, Holly's House for women and Children of Hope, an orphanage and school for young children.

    They have free classes every day in english, math, computers and music. Their nightly bible studies pack the hall with the neighborhood's youth who are attracted to Christ's message of love and forgiveness.

  2. Harmony Outreach

    Harmony Outreach was started by John Bentley when he felt called by God to open an orphanage in China for abandoned children. Though he started without any real funding, he has trusted in God to provide and Harmony now functions in China, Ethiopia and Cambodia.

    Harvest Bible College is Harmony's newest outreach into Cambodia. In addition to training pastors to lead the community they also pay for the food and transportation required to do valuable work in the provinces.

  3. World Orphans

    Jesse Blaine, an American from Maryland lives and works in Cambodia as the country director for World Orphans. His job is to partner with and train Christian leaders in the community. World orphans also plays a large role in facilitating foster care as an alternative to orphanages.

    Jesse states that the goal is to have Cambodians see Cambodians helping each other. The longterm impact that can have on a country is immeasurable in a country used to outsiders taking control.

Clips from the film

Phnom Penh



Rin's story

Rith's story


  1. Phnom penh

    An introduction to modern day city life in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.
    Length :37 | Play

  2. Genocide

    2 million people died during the civil war of the 70's and shortlived rule of Pol Pot. The Choeng Ek genocidal center is dedicated to preserving a killing field used by the Khmer Rouge. 9,000 bodies consisting of political prisoners and ordinary men, women and children are buried there.
    Length :57 | Play

  3. Orphans

    Cambodia has a booming orphan population and not nearly enough resources or adults to take care of them. There are wandering children on every street in the city.
    Length :59 | Play

  4. Rin's story

    Rin Yame is the co-director of Water of Life. He was orphaned at the age of 8 but was rescued from the street by a missionary who brought him to the Cambodian Christian Arts Ministry where he learned traditional Khmer dancing, drawing, piano and the flute.
    Length 1:37 | Play

  5. Rith's story

    Rith is a perfect example of the motivated young men at Water of Life. An exceptionally bright young man who grew up on a rice farm with a family who rarely had enough food. He had to travel great distances to attend school. After moving to Water of Life he learned english in only two years and is now finishing his second bachelor's degree to be an english teacher.
    Length :48 | Play

  6. School

    Andrew Martin runs the outreach to the city dump where many poor people live. He explains that the children who live there can attend school for free, but they need to buy their own uniforms and bribe the teachers to pass the exams.
    Length 1:07 | Play


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